Digital Marketing Plan

Final Project

RMIT Online Course DMK101-2020-JUNB

Student Joady Weatherup

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Some context...

Effective Collective is the shopfront for Content Producer-Videographer Joady Weatherup, a seasoned professional specialising in video content creation for marketing, communications, and product teams. 

The business goal for Effective Collective is to increase revenue by 50% by April 2021 2020, specifically from a values-based objective of attaining new clients from the Renewable Energy sector.

The plan is to create a branded service

Their problem...

The target market are decision-makers in Marketing, Comms, and Product teams within the Renewable Energy sector. 

In 2019 $20 billion AUD was invested into the nascent  Australian Renewable Energy sector.

The pain point for these potential customers is an increasing need to communicate their USP and increase brand awareness to a range of stakeholders and do so with tight budgets.

My marketing objective... 

 Increase the number of

Renewable Energy sector clients from one to five

and lift production days by 60%

in the next 6-9 months (January to April 2020).

Customer Personas 

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Branded Service


Video production for 'help & hub' content marketing.

A  'one-stop-shop' with no agency overheads


Competitive: because there are no agency overheads//


because project fees quoted as an up-front set-fee with no billable hours.


Website RenewableVideo


Face-to-face at industry events post C19




Sole Trader with strong content marketing and hands-on production


Personal values align with Renewable Energy Sector's mission. 

Physical Evidence

Gallery of completed projects on website.


Client testimonials  


Inclusive and transparent workflow platforms


Latest production technology means deliverables are best practice.


Display ads on industry news site

SEM for 

Linkedin sponsored posts 

Sustainable Energy

Evergreen video that

powers your message.

The Unique Selling Proposition for

Customer Journey

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Customer Journey.png
Image by American Public Power Associati

Campaign Objectives 


Generate 50 unique visits in 5 weeks of TOFU prospectives to the landing page via a regular (twice a week) display ad included in the RenewEconomy daily news email. 

Create and build an email list of 50 prospectives in five weeks, from a downloadable PDF offered in a Linkedin sponsored post. 


Chosen Digital Channels 

Opt-in Email

Display Ad in a third party email list. Renew Economy is the 'Mumbrella' of the Renewable Energy sector. Their daily email has a consistently high open rate.  It's the place most likely to find my target demographic. 


The B2B social channel. A sponsored video post can be targeted to members by region, role, and relevant groups and interests.   


Good opportunities for a B2B service to get high-quality leads because keyword searches are not crowded out. 

ACCE Framework

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ACCE framework.png