VIDEO Strategy


CLIENT: Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation ( ).

12WBT is a 12-week exercise, nutrition and mindset program that launched in 2010, with round-to-round sign-ups growing 5000% in the first 4 years.

OBJECTIVE: Plan and execute a video strategy that grew the 12WBT video assets from a handful of home videos to a library of over 800 videos across fifteen distinct 12WBT fitness programs, including 300 mindset videos, fitness and nutrition advice, and a suite of 45-minute workout videos. 

Video segmentation is essential to a meaningful experience for program members, helping the business achieve it's impressively high customer retention rate. 

CREATOR: Video Strategy, Video Producer, Scriptwriter: Joady Weatherup. 

VIDEO Production


CLIENT: Southern Cross University | International Marketing    

OBJECTIVE:  A three-part video series profiling SCU's three regional campuses, to engage prospective international and domestic and showcase the brand's attributes of accessible, dynamic, spirited, innovative and confident. The narrative is driven via text on screen, allowing for quick and straightforward updates to the information and the easy creation of versions in different languages.  

CREATOR: Concept, storyboard and Producer: Joady Weatherup;

Shooting & editing by Rest Your Eyes, Byron Bay. 



VIDEO Production


CLIENT: QBE Events and Sponsorships | Behind the Scenes 

OBJECTIVE: Showcase QBE's role in the commissioning and creation of the Sydney Swan's 360 Virtual Reality Experience, created by Rapid Films VR and launched April 2018.

CREATOR: Shooter (b-roll), Producer, Interviewer, Editor: Joady Weatherup


VIDEO Production


CLIENT: Presentation Studio | Culture and Vision Video.

OBJECTIVE: Create a low budget video showcasing the expertise and culture found in the Presentation Studio workplace.  An iPad autocue was adapted to interview on camera talent so that they addressed the lens.  

CREATOR: Video Shooter, Producer, Interviewer, Editor: Joady Weatherup.


VIDEO Production


CLIENT: Elders Insurance | Customer Case Study. 

OBJECTIVE: Capture a genuine customer experience around a total loss insurance claim process, aligning the customer satisfaction with the insurer's expertise.

CREATOR: Video Shooter, Producer, Interviewer, Editor: Joady Weatherup


VIDEO Graphics


CLIENT: Marketing & Social.

OBJECTIVE: Produce at short notice a shareable video celebrating the milestone of 12WBT members collectively shedding one million kilos on the program. Post-production house Engine ( Surry Hills, Sydney) was commissioned, their estimated 21-day turnaround time shortened to 8 days when the scoping phase was replaced with a 'video timeline storyboard' delivered by the client which mapped text, imagery and music pace. 

CREATOR: Storyboarder, Producer, Scriptwriter: Joady Weatherup.

VIDEO Social


CLIENT: QBE Insurance.

OBJECTIVE: One of a series of text-driven social videos, formatted to convey a large amount of information in a short amount of time.

CREATOR: Script, Titles, Editor: Joady Weatherup.



VIDEO Social


CLIENT: Australian Business Community Network (ABCN).

OBJECTIVE: A video for publication on Linkedin that explains and promotes ABCN  mentoring programs and highlights the purpose and success of ABCN. 

CREATOR: Video Shooter, Producer, Interviewer, Editor: Joady Weatherup.


VIDEO Social


CLIENT: Marketing & Social. 

OBJECTIVE: Scope and implement a social content plan in collaboration with the 12WBT Social Media Manager. Video was chosen as the primary content format and the assets created (including this series) grew total 12WBT Facebook reach by 77% , with video as the top performing post type. The top three performing videos average 88k views each.

CREATOR: Content Producer, Shooter, Editor: Joady Weatherup.